‘Warmth in a stigma’ -Photo challenge-Earth


The world’s beauty should be celebrated no matter what the season be. The UK is known for its moody weather and a lot of people frown upon this. But who can blame us when the strong, northern winds summon the clouds to precipitate on us poor Britons in the space of 60 seconds?

Despite this, we should not forget that no matter rain or shine, Mother nature never fails to surprise us. Today in my boarding school, my good friend and I took a casual bike ride around our campus. We decided to park our bicycles and explore our grand, prestigious theatre located near south blocks. That’s when the Earth theme crossed my mind. In the face of humidity, this beautiful flower blossomed in the midst of its friends-the purple and maroon flowers. I felt this heat, in fact, it wasn’t heat but a surge of warmth surround me. The petals are so radiant and warming and that is what brought me to it. It is so amazing how nature can captivate one. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is the most cliché statement of all time, but let us not refute it. This flower gracefully blossoms and attracts the insects of nature to extract its warming nectar. That alone is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena.



4 thoughts on “‘Warmth in a stigma’ -Photo challenge-Earth

  1. Such a beautiful shot of a lovely flower popping out of the earth. It must have been hard to miss. Sorry to hear about the dreary weather in the UK. But rain helps flowers grow, it’s a bit of a win-win situation there 🙂

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