Move over Darwin.

Okay.. Credits to Charles Darwin, the naturalist that coined the most evolutionary phrase of all time: ‘Survival of the fittest.’

 But hail to the epitome of Survival, beauty, humility and grace: Shalom Nchom.

This 20 year old burn survivor is an African-American beauty artist and an advocate for embracing the flaws that society shames.For Nchom, who was badly burnt at the age of 9 in her mother’s restaurant in Nigeria by hot oil, tormented by bullies in her adolescent years and driven to the stage of contemplating suicide, many would call it an end to the misery and distress of being labelled ‘monster’. Shalom Nchom refused to accept this label. Most importantly she accepted her ordeal and began on the road to recovery of self-love, gratitude and Survival.

“It was a calling…I wouldn’t have a choice to take it back.”

Cosmopolitan‘s newest beauty video of this flaming beauty highlights the powerful message she has for everyone . You would think twice about this beauty being a burn survivor but when Nchom removes the popping highlight and gorgeous hair, you are probably in disgust. The scars are apparent and you feel a knot in your stomach. Nchom defies all odds, her warming and intelligible spirit prompts you take a mirror and examine your entire self. Her words of wisdom are enriching. I was moved by Nchom’s transformation in the short clip and I am profoundly thankfully we have good spirits in the world that exemplify Charles Darwin’s phrase: “Survival of the fittest.”

Social media is exhibit A for objectifying beauty standards. Nchom, on the other hand is getting the message out there- to simply love yourself. Many people are in constant battle with this guideline. They feel to replicate the ‘perfect’ body of society and that just isn’t the norm. Shalom Nchom teaches everyone to accept and love their self. Honestly I have never experienced such a warming and loving soul, using her experience to educate the young, impressionable people of society. I applaud you Nchom.

“I know I’m beautiful!”

The whole world smiles back at you Shalom Nchom. I am not a burn survivor but let us understand these things can happen to anyone of us at anytime.

Shalom Nchom. You are the epitome of self-love and with self-love comes Survival.

Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “Move over Darwin.

  1. Thank you for introducing me to Shalom Nchom and her story. What an inspiring woman! I would love to see that Cosmo video (Can you add a link please?) and read your “Survival” link. The first “Survival” link is live and took me to The Daily Post, but I imagine the second one, which is broken, took us to a story about or by Shalom? Again, my gratitude for this introduction. I look forward to learning more about her.


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