My 3 big FAT blog goals

I am so behind on this ‘Blogging University’ course but better late then never eh?

My 3 big fat goals for the year are:

  1. Growing my audience

Not only do I want buzzing comments and to rack up the likes, I want an audience that is more interested in my content than me, can hold good debates and recommend my work to other bloggers.


It is hard in my busy schedule to get my ideas on the screen but if early morning starts are required then so be it. PTAW is my friendly saying!

3. Recognition

Already it makes me ecstatic when bloggers around the world are liking and commenting on my posts so developing links should definitely stretch my horizons and propel me more into the blogger world!


6 thoughts on “My 3 big FAT blog goals

  1. I too am taking the #bloggingbranding class and found you through its hashtag. Like you, one of my objectives is to engage in dialogue and conversations with my readers and with other bloggers. Because you stated that as one of your goals, I’m instantly intrigued in following your blog.

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    1. Thank you for reading my post. I have followed you back and I must say your recipes look deliciousā˜ŗļø so I will definitely be taking some tips. I am actually quite behind on the #bloggingbranding class but seeing ur kind comment has motivated me to finish it. Growing an audience is a great goal and I am happy to see bloggers connectingšŸ™‚

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      1. I got behind this weekend too. Thank goodness it is self-directed, so we can catch up as time permits. I’m finding it helpful, but I wish I could get through the lessons faster and start to see some progress! One step at a time, right? Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you hit a wall and need some encouragement.

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