#myAFROmatters and no, it doesn’t rival against the empowering ‘#blacklivesmatter’, in fact it is an ally with this movement. My AFRO matters because it is not ‘nappy’, ‘unprofessional’, ‘dirty’ or ‘too black’. It is versatile, cute, strong and majestic all at the same time.

Growing up as a black African girl in North London, racism, culture appropriation, police brutality and social injustice of black people never really was an issue. I mean you had the odd, patronising teacher who would make a stark remark about the lanky black boy but after some time, it was brushed under the carpet and you moved on. The power of the media has delivered a stream of medium highlighting the on-going troubles BLACK people in America are serving unjustifiably. It makes me angry and upset when my new feeds are popping with videos of police brutality on the future presidents, lawyers, CEOs, doctors of tomorrow for reasons that cannot be justified or that have just come to pass. It makes me cry when black people post their traumatic experiences at Donald Trump rallies,shocked not by the hate of their brothers and sisters but by the level of hate. This is the norm. In America. In this current day and age, black people are physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically abused because they are coloured. They want me, a black woman to be silenced and desensitised across the other side of the globe. NO. I am an activist for justice and self-love for every single individual.

I dare you to type into Google images: ‘Unprofessional hair’

You might as well call Google images the exhibition for hate against black women. The most disrespected PERSON in society. I am disgusted and livid as to why black, kinky, braided or natural hair is labelled ‘unprofessional’. Our hair that is born from our ancestors and revitalised for every offspring. We carry this gene that is magical. A gene that can withstand heat and rain. We are blessed with a mane of pride and passion. Hair that is iconic and craves sensation. Hair that fascinates everyone yet GOOGLE thinks its acceptable to degrade us, to make little girls cry and wish their hair was of Hispanic matter. Google, I am coming for you!

I am not and never will be sorry. ‘People are scared of what is different.’ Of course I am not going to lower my worth, my values, rip out my hair follicles to cater to your expectations. #myAFROmatters. It not only makes me feel damn good and powerful. It is bold and makes me feel like a lioness: dominant, strong, assertive, feminine and  of course, black. It is my driving force and a reminder to everyone I meet that my heritage is going to speak LOUD and PROUD because when people see the afro, they better damn appreciate it!  I have been going natural for 3 years now and I love every single second of it. To all my afro girls and boys, just remember you are beautiful and don’t stop loving your afro. #myAFROmatters #AppreciatetheAFRO

“Black women were created of brown sugar and warm honey. The sweetest thing to bless the earth. Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.”



2 thoughts on “#myAFROmatters

  1. Thank you for posting this. The past few years, I’ve noticed more and more people sporting their natural hair and I LOVE it! Back in the 70s people wore their Afros with pride. I hope that’s what we’re seeing again–a resurgence of pride in what Ma Nature gave us. My own pride has to go with unruly wavy brown hair and lots of old-age wrinkles, but that’s a different story. : )

    Incidentally, I googled “Unprofessional hair” as you suggested. Google offered NO images. Not a one. What it did offer on the first page above the fold, which is all I took in, were articles about the term and what their search engines delivered. I guess they got the message!

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    1. Thank you for reading my post. I hope you are well ☺️ Mother nature has most certainly blessed each and every one of us with hair that is so unique and it should be appreciated no matter our race. Oh i wish I could experience living in the 70s.. I am glad Google are making changes though 🙂

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