Catch a tear from millions

Millions of tears and still you haven’t caught any.

All my troubles keep evading my fibres,

yet the thunder and lightening persists.

I want to make you better ma.

A good mother doesn’t need to be educated and a even better mother doesn’t need a man.

Your tears aint fallin’ nor your spirit crumblin’

You just keep blazing, that heart of gold.

The whole world better wear their armour cos London town is burnin’!

King and Queen.. you are reborn.

Catch her tears soon, her tear ducts are drying.

Words don’t mean a thing. Your speech is dust polluting our airways.

Ma the Cilia tells us to beat you aggressively.

I don’t care how you catch that tear but don’t let it go to waste.

Catch it before it is too late.





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