Metaphysical realm. Bring us together. Floating clouds and timeless Darkness. Unfold your somber colours. Rewind the past, simmer down the undertones of obscurity. Give us time and space. We hate science and non-self beings. They love chambers, curtains, ungodly praise. Free us. But bring us together. Floating feathers and distilled passion. Bury your crystals. Relapse and indoctrinate the young. Take away the undeserving darkness. I am … Continue reading darknesSpace


#myAFROmatters and no, it doesn’t rival against the empowering ‘#blacklivesmatter’, in fact it is an ally with this movement. My AFRO matters because it is not ‘nappy’, ‘unprofessional’, ‘dirty’ or ‘too black’. It is versatile, cute, strong and majestic all at the same time. Growing up as a black African girl in North London, racism, culture appropriation, police brutality and social injustice of black people never really was an … Continue reading #myAFROmatters

Move over Darwin.

Okay.. Credits to Charles Darwin, the naturalist that coined the most evolutionary phrase of all time: ‘Survival of the fittest.’  But hail to the epitome of Survival, beauty, humility and grace: Shalom Nchom. This 20 year old burn survivor is an African-American beauty artist and an advocate for embracing the flaws that society shames.For Nchom, who was badly burnt at the age of 9 in her mother’s restaurant in … Continue reading Move over Darwin.

‘Warmth in a stigma’ -Photo challenge-Earth

Earth The world’s beauty should be celebrated no matter what the season be. The UK is known for its moody weather and a lot of people frown upon this. But who can blame us when the strong, northern winds summon the clouds to precipitate on us poor Britons in the space of 60 seconds? Despite this, we should not forget that no matter rain or shine, Mother nature never fails to … Continue reading ‘Warmth in a stigma’ -Photo challenge-Earth